Indian Embassy In The UAE Starts Online Registrations For Stranded Indians Who Want To Fly Back Home

by Sanjana Shenoy
Indian Embassy In The UAE Starts Online Registrations For Stranded Indians Who Want To Fly Back Home

The Indian Embassy in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has started online registrations for expatriates who want to fly back to India after getting stranded in the country due to the coronavirus pandemic. The Indian Embassy in Abu Dhabi on Wednesday night stated the details of data collection through the website of the Indian Consulate in Dubai, as reported by the Gulf News. This comes just days after the Centre had revealed that it would be taking a decision to brink back Indians stuck abroad once it assesses the coronavirus situation.

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How Can You Register?

The Indian Embassy in UAE on Wednesday developed a database for Indians stuck there and launched an online portal for them. India in Dubai tweeted – The details can be entered through the website of the Embassy or Consulate by following the link ‘Register in Database of Indians to Travel Back to India under COVID-19 situation’.  It also tweeted- These can also be entered by following the link”.

However just minutes after tweeting this, the mission deleted this post due to technical issues as per PTI. But the Consulate General of India in Dubai posted the link again on Thursday, but warned people that it may take “some time for the page to load due to high traffic”. Earlier, the Abu Dhabi mission stated that the purpose of its form is only to accumulate information to assist the Government of India to strategize for the return of Indians from abroad under the current coronavirus crisis.

Who Is Eligible To Fill This?

The Indian Embassy provided form, is eligible for only one individual at a time. Families are required to fill separate forms for each member. Companies also have to fill separate forms for each employee. It’s also clarified that the decision for passenger flights to resume to India will be taken in due course of time. Thousands of Indian expatriates are expected to register their details.

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What’s More?

The Indian expatriate community in UAE constitutes roughly around 3.42 million, which is the largest ethnic community in the country. It’s about 30 percent of the population of UAE according to the International Migrant Stock 2019.  Dammu Ravi, the Additional Secretary of the Ministry of External Affairs stated: “Some questions have come about Indians abroad. It is a situation where we cannot give a definite answer because the lockdown is still there. We need to assess the situation It will be the government’s decision on how we manage the return of Indians from other countries.” While this is being taken care of, Indians who wish to fly back from the UAE, need to register online in the given link above. Did you know Five States In Northeast India Have Been Now Declared Coronavirus-Free?