5 Indian Foods You Should NEVER Eat After 8 PM

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
5 Indian Foods You Should NEVER Eat After 8 PM

You must have heard people talking about maintaining a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle. Don’t your friends give you tips on what to eat and what not to eat? Or maybe when to eat and when not to. Well, the time to eat also matters a lot. How much ever hard that sounds, when you see the bigger picture, it’s good for the long run. So here is a small list of things to cut down if you are a late eater. 

1. Pakoras

Pakora and Pudina chutney are simply inseparable and so is the time to eat it. Eat it on a rainy evening or as an evening snack. Try not to incorporate pakoras in your dinner platter specially after 8. Pakoras are fried in oil and it can actually disrupt your sleep pattern. An uninterrupted night sleep is very important and pakoras can interfere with it. So why let it? Have it some other time but not after 8pm. 

2. Chicken/ Paneer Curry

You might be a bit surprised and disappointed to see this food item on the list but it is true. Yeah I know there is nothing as filling and satisfying a meal like chicken or paneer curry but they are somewhere the reason your sleep is affected. Having something like this which is a calorie laden dish might not be the right thing to do before hitting the bed. It also might be the reason for your lack of a deep sleep. 

3. Gulab Jamun

Not only Gulab jamun but any other Indian dessert is better not consumed after 8pm. The reason being the body is digesting the food you just gave it and when there is a drop in the sugar level, you tend to feel hungry but consuming carbohydrates is better avoided for a good night’s sleep. 

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4. Spicy Food

We Indians love spicy food and we cannot do without at least one bowl of it on our platter. But try to keep your love for spicy food a little away after 8pm. Spicy food tends to confuse the body as they act as a booster for metabolism and give a wake up call to the body while your body wants to sleep and rest. You might also end up having heartburn. 

5. Coffee

Indians love tea, I know but also a good majority of Indians love coffee too. But as you know caffeine is responsible for keeping you awake. Caffeine is known to delay the timing of your body clock. It also affects the amount of deep sleep your body offers you. So its a big no no to consume coffee just before sleep. 

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