Gulab Jamun Dahi Chaat Is The Latest Food Trend And The Internet Can’t Digest It

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by Shreya Ghosh
by Shreya Ghosh 139

With every passing day, street food stall owners are getting creative with the ingredients they choose to put in a food item. To be honest, these recipes are crazy and no one really repeats such orders for the second time. Very recently, a video of a food trend went viral on Twitter. The video was a preparation of ‘Gulab Jamun Dahi Chaat’. These weird combinations of street food are really getting out of hand and netizens cannot digest what’s really happening. Every food trend seems really scary these days.

Jab ‘Gulab Jamun’ Met ‘Dahi’ For A Plate Of Chaat

Gulab Jamun, dahi, and chaat are some of our favourite things to eat; one at a time. These things taste the best when eaten separately. The concoction of the greatest foods turned out to be a huge disaster and no one is really liking this weird combination. A Twitter user, Mayur Sejpal, shared this video on Twitter and this crazy food trend went viral within no time. It gained over 24K views in less than a week. As seen in the video, the shopkeeper adds dahi, green chutney, red chutney, sev, papdi, and pomegranate seeds to prepare Gulab Jamun Dahi Chaat.

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Netizens Are Cringing Over This Food Trend Online

In the initial days of such bizarre experiments, netizens liked some videos and edible food trends, but now it is not a source of entertainment anymore. Netizens are truly tired of seeing all these food experiments. They are urging people to leave the foods alone and put an end to all these food combinations. Not everything you add and mix turns into a yummy food trend and such videos are the real proof.

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Here’s how the Twitter users are reacting:

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