Indian Govt Launches ‘Skills On Wheels’ Bus. What Is It & How Will It Help The Youth? Details Here

by Shreya Rathod
Indian Govt Launches ‘Skills On Wheels’ Bus. What Is It & How Will It Help The Youth? Details Here

With updating technology, your skills need to be updated. The current job market only wants employees with skills that can be useful in addition to mandatory college courses. In keeping with this, the Indian government has launched a ‘Skills On Wheels’ initiative; here’s all about it.

‘Skills On Wheels’, An Initiative To Help The Youth!

Dharmendra Pradhan, the union minister for education, skill development, and entrepreneurship, has introduced the “Skills On Wheels” initiative with the goal of empowering close to 60,000 youth and improving their standard of living. At the initiative’s inception, Om Birla, speaker of the Lok Sabha, was also present. It will take five years to complete the mission.

The programme will train and equip young people for the present labour market using a customised bus with retrofitted tools that will go to the most remote areas of the nation. Young people, especially women, will be given the essential digital skills they need to survive in the current employment market.

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The objective will not only assist a single child by producing skilled workers for the factories and businesses. However, it will also result in more significant changes by enhancing rural homes throughout the nation. Therefore, the mission will also aid in bridging the gap between the industry’s need for trained workers and the youth who are unemployed and yearning for jobs.

Career-oriented Courses & Raising Awareness

skills on wheels initiative
Credits: @dpradhanbjp/ Twitter

In accordance with his or her academic background, aptitude, and skill set, the mission will make sure that the ideal candidate who has a desire for a certain career selects the appropriate course. The purpose is to raise public awareness at the grass-roots level about free skill training courses. It will assist young people from the most remote areas in becoming independent. Additionally, making a positive difference in their lives by responding to the demands of the constantly changing job market.

The youth’s theoretical and practical knowledge will be enhanced by the training course. It will also assist them in bringing the necessary cooperation and efficient coordination to the workplace.

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Their proficiency will be further increased by the robust skill training programme that will be run in conjunction with NSDC and IndusInd Bank.

Cover Image Courtesy: @dpradhanbjp/ Twitter