India Along With US Set To Introduce 10,000 Electric Buses In India

by Shreya Ghosh
India Along With US Set To Introduce 10,000 Electric Buses In India

India and the United States are all set for a new beginning. Both nations have joined hands to launch a humongous number of electric buses in different Indian cities. These countries have introduced a mechanism that is going to help in stationing a fleet of 10,000 electric buses in different parts of India. Read on to know all about this exciting launch by India and the United States.

10,000 Electric Buses Are Coming Up In India Soon!

Taking to the X (formerly Twitter) platform, U.S. Ambassador Eric Garcetti (@USAmbIndia) shared pictures of his visit to India and travelling in an electric bus.

US Ambassador to India Eric Garcetti visited India recently and talked with the media regarding the launch of new electric buses in the country. The best part is that these buses are going to be manufactured in India. Eric Garcetti shared how these buses have the potential to change the world. He emphasised how these are quieter, cleaner, and help in reducing carbon footprint, according to a report by Hindustan Times-Auto.

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The US Ambassador to India shared that the characteristics of the bus are one of the few reasons behind the US government taking the decision to work with the Indian government and launch 10,000 electric buses. The initiative is to introduce a huge fleet of 10,000 electric buses on different streets of the country.

The idea of this association began back when Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited the US and went to the White House, according to a report by NDTV. The announcement of the plan was made during the PM’s official visit to the US in 2023.

Significance Of This Partnership:

Electric Buses
Picture credit- X (formerly Twitter)/ U.S. Ambassador Eric Garcetti (@USAmbIndia)Electric Buses

There are many advantages to choosing electric transportation facilities. These produce no noise and no emission and these play a huge role in saving nature and the planet in the long run. This is a crucial step taken to build a greener future. This launch is going to improve the electric public transportation situation in India.

Also, both India and the US are set to contribute joint support to a payment security mechanism. This is for enhancing the electric transportation condition in the country. In fact, it is going to have a huge positive impact on the PM e-Bus Sewa scheme.

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Cover Image Courtesy: X (formerly Twitter)/ U.S. Ambassador Eric Garcetti (@USAmbIndia)