Indian Population Reaches 9 Million In The Arab World: Survey

by Deeplata Garde
Indian Population Reaches 9 Million In The Arab World: Survey

We all know that the Arab world is highly influenced by the Indian population in it. Be it the GCC Countries, the Middle East or beyond, you ought to find Indians residing around. According to a survey taken last year, around 9 Million Indian Population reside in GCC countries.

GCC Countries Accommodate Around 9 Million Indians

Indian Population
Pic Creds: Twitter/ Dubai Media Office

According to India’s External Affairs Ministry, over 66% of non-resident Indians (NRIs), live in Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) nations. That means 8.88 million, of the 13.4 million Indians are residing in UAE & other GCC countries. Concurrently, India’s commerce with Arab nations has surpassed $240 billion, according to the Minister.

The UAE has 3.41 million NRIs, followed by 2.59 million in Saudi Arabia, 1.02 million in Kuwait, 740,000 in Qatar, 770,000 in Oman, and 320,000 in Bahrain. According to a government statement, these NRIs are stationed in 210 nations.

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Saudi Arabia Bagged The Top Most Rank To Employ Indian Population

Indian Population
Pic Creds: Canva Stock Images

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia ranked first among Gulf nations in terms of employment available to Indians in 2022. After the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia has the biggest number of Indian expats. Saudi Arabia would supply 178,630 employment to Indians by 2022.

The UAE continues to witness a decline in employing Indians. This region’s Indian population is expected to be 70% semi-skilled and unskilled labourers. Doctors, engineers, architects, chartered accountants, bankers, and other ‘white-collar’ professionals account for the rest of 20 to 23 per cent of Indian professionals.

India has a long history with the Arab countries, which offered the globe a new culture and civilisation. Approximately 20% of the Indian diaspora resides in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, with the remainder spread among six Northern Emirates, including Dubai. The majority of Indians residing here are employed.

But according to the Embassy of India in UAE, around 10% of the Indian population is comprised of dependent family members. In comparison to other expatriate groups, the Indian population is renowned for its technical proficiency, sense of discipline, and lack of involvement in criminal activities. Indian expatriates have an edge over other nations because of these characteristics.

So therefore many Indian plans to shift to these GCC Countries for employment or other reasons.

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