Indian Railways Spends ₹1200 Crore & Gallons Of Water To Clean Paan Stains Due To Spitting

by Sanjana Shenoy
Indian Railways Spends ₹1200 Crore & Gallons Of Water To Clean Paan Stains Due To Spitting

Pubic spitting is a public menace, period. The Indian Railways spends an estimated amount of a whopping ₹1200 crores and gallons of water to scrub off paan stains on its premises caused by spitting paan or tobacco. Well, what can we say, Indians aren’t afraid of painting the town red. And it’s a matter of serious concern that money paid by honest taxpayers, and a prevailing water crisis in the world, the resources are being used for something that can be totally prevented. All it needs is civic sense. But the Indian railways has come up with an innovative measure to tackle public spitting. Read on to know more.

Indian Railway Introduces Eco-Friendly Spittoon Pouches To Prevent Public Spitting

Northern, Central and Western railway zones gave contracts to a startup EzySpit to prevent public spitting. Vending machines or kiosks, offering biodegradable spittoon pouches will be set up at 42 stations. The spittoon pouches which can be easily carried in pouches let passengers spit whenever and wherever they want to. The product has macromolecule pulp technology with a material that traps bacteria and viruses present in the saliva. Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, this is a wonderful initiative by Indian Railways. It not only prevents diseases but also helps keep the railway premises, clean and hygienic.

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indian railways spittoon pouches
Picture Credits: Twitter/ Tajinder Bagga

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This Pouch Costs ₹5 & Grows Into Plant When Disposed

Paan or tobacco users can buy the eco-friendly spittoon pouch for as little as ₹5 or ₹10. This pouch also has seeds that when disposed of, will grow into plants. This green innovation will not only discourage passengers from spitting in public but also save the railways crores of money and water. Meanwhile, spitting in railway premises results in a fine of ₹500. Maybe the India could take a lesson or two from Singapore, which takes public cleanliness so seriously, that even forgetting to flush the public toilet could lead to a fine or even jail.