Indian Students Protest Deportation; Trudeau Says Focus Is Not On Penalising Victims

Indian students deportation
by Tooba Shaikh

If you’ve been following the news, you know that hundreds of Indian students in Canada are facing the risk of deportation. The allegation being made against these students is that they sought visas on fraudulent grounds and hence will now be deported back to India. Now, the Indian students have taken to the streets of Canada to protest the allegation. The protest has gotten the attention of many high-ranking officials who are now trying to resolve the situation as best as they can.

Indian Students Protest Deportation

Indian students deportation

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As many as 700 Indian students in Canada are now facing the risk of deportation. The charge against these students is that of getting a visa based on fraudulent admission letters. However, many claim that they’ve been living in Canada since 2018.

However, the issue with fraudulent admission letters only came to light when they applied for permanent residency now, five years later. According to an article published by the NDTV, one of the students who is protesting against the deportation says that the students, too, are a victim.

Heeding to the plea of students, the government has issued a stay on the deportation until some further clarity is gained. The Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau recently stated that the major focus of the Canadian government was to identify the fraudsters and not to penalise the victims. 

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The Story As Per The Students

Indian students deportation

Image Credits: Canva Images

As per the student that spoke to NDTV, what happened was that agents told many students that the colleges in which they received admission were full. Now, they could either wait for the next batch to start or switch to a different college.

Since the students didn’t want to waste a year of their lives, they decided to switch to different colleges. Now after completing their studies, the Canadian Border Services Agency or the CBSA said that the admission letters based on which they received their visas was fraudulent.

They were then issued deportation letters. The families of these Indian students send the students abroad at great costs, often selling lands and taking out huge loans for the purpose. The prospect of being deported back to India is so bleak that some students have been rendered suicidal.

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