Does The Visa Rule Changes Affect Students? UK Min Tariq Ahmad Clears The Air About It

UK Visa Rule Changes
by Tooba Shaikh

The Deputy Foreign Minister of the United Kingdom or the UK, Lord Tariq Ahmad is on a visit to India. His visit is said to last for four days and he will be visiting places like Jodhpur in Rajasthan, Delhi, and even Hyderabad in Telangana. On this visit of his, he cleared the air about the recent changes in UK’s visa rule. The recent tweak in UK’s visa policy was thought to be detrimental towards Indian students.

Lord Tariq Ahmad: UK’s Visa Rule Changes Not Aimed At Undergraduate Students

UK Visa Rule Changes

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During his current ongoing visit, the UK minister cleared the air about the changes that the UK’s visa policy witnessed. He said that the visa changes are primarily targeted at those students who come under the guise of pursuing research and doctoral studies but don’t even finish their education.

It is for those people who use student visas as a backdoor entry into the country in order to avail of job opportunities there. He also specified that the policy, in no way shape or form, impacts undergraduate students. He mentioned that the UK will always welcome students.

Lord Tariq Ahmad’s parents were immigrants to the UK from Pakistan and he said that being in India meant a lot to him since his ancestors had links in one of the royal families in Rajasthan. He will also visit Hyderabad in order to look into some startups and tech developments.

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UK’s Shift In Its Student Visa Policy

UK Visa Rule Changes

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Recently, the UK announced that in order to reduce the number of migrants in the UK, it will no longer allow certain students to bring their families on dependent visas. This means that Indians will no longer be able to use student visas as a backdoor entry to availing jobs in the country.

Students who are in undergraduate programs and those who are well into their doctoral studies, however, will not be impacted by this policy. The idea is to inhibit those elements who don’t even complete their studies and use it merely as an excuse for entry into the country.

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