Indians Can Visit These Gorgeous European Countries That Has Lifted All COVID Restrictions

by Shreya Ghosh
Indians Can Visit These Gorgeous European Countries That Has Lifted All COVID Restrictions

Countries globally are lifting all the COVID restrictions one by one. And it is quite important to keep ourselves updated with the change in rules post-pandemic. Focusing on Europe, a few countries have already lifted the strict guidelines and presently international travellers can explore these countries, surprisingly without any proof of vaccination, negative Covid test report, or any proof of recent recovery. Meanwhile, more countries are on their way to lifting all COVID restrictions. Let’s take a look at those European countries where Indians can visit without any fear of COVID restrictions and COVID-travel guidelines.

1. Denmark

  • You don’t need to present a negative test report or follow a specific quarantine period to enter Denmark, irrespective of your vaccination update.
  • There is an exception in Greenland though. You have to present a report that states that you are completely vaccinated or you have been infected with the virus anytime in the past 12 weeks.

COVID restrictions

2. Iceland

  • International visitors do not have to follow COVID travel guidelines anymore to enter Iceland.
  • You can enter the country without proof of vaccination or a negative test report.

3. Romania

  • The country lifted all the COVID restrictions and guidelines related to travelling during the COVID-19 pandemic on 9 April 2022.

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4. Sweden

  • International travellers can now enter Sweden without showing pre-departure testing and any proof of vaccination.
  • The country lifted the travel restrictions and started this on 1 April 2022.

COVID restrictions

5. Poland

  • Poland lifted the COVID restrictions on 28 March 2022.
  • The travellers do not need to show a negative test report and proof of vaccination for entering Poland.


  • Every international travellers will now follow the general travel guidelines while entering Ireland.
  • The country lifted the COVID travel guidelines on 6 March 2022.
  • If anyone develops any symptoms related to COVID-19 while present in the country, then they have to follow the current HSE guidance.

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6. Norway

  • There is no need for negative test reports, self-isolation, vaccination reports, or filling out any forms for entry in Norway.


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7. Hungary

  • On 7 March 2022, Hungary lifted all the travel restrictions related to the coronavirus while entering the country.
  • International travellers do not require to show pre-departure testing or proof of vaccination.

8. Czech Republic

  • The Czech Republic lifted all the COVID restrictions for entering the country for international tourists on 9 April 2022.
  • Now, the travellers do not require to present proof of vaccination and a negative test report.

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9. Montenegro

  • Visitors do not need to show or follow any COVID-19 travel restrictions while entering or travelling the Balkan country, Montenegro.

10. Switzerland 

Switzerland is soon going to lift all COVID restrictions related to travelling on 2 May 2022. The entry rules included pre-boarding PCR tests and with the lifting of the guidelines in the next week, visitors can enter the country and follow the basic travel rules, like the pre-pandemic years.

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