Indians Might Cancel 2021 Travel Plans Due To Flight Bans Over New COVID Variant

by Tania Tarafdar
by Tania Tarafdar678

The new coronavirus variant has already led to many flight bans across the world. India has banned all flights from the UK and has also restricted entry from the UK via UAE. For now, it looks like we have to push our international travel plans due to concerns over the spread of the new COVID variant.  A survey performed by online platform LocalCircles revealed that as many as 42% of people had no domestic travel plans. International travel plans have also been highly affected with no regular flights. With the ban on flights from and to the UK has only added fuel to the fire. 

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Indians To Hold Back International Travel

LocalCircles has surveyed to understand the impact of this new strain on international travel plans of Indians in the next three months. The survey showed that many might hold back their travel plans to any international countries on fear of getting infected. Besides, the possibilities of flight bans from airline hubs like Dubai, Singapore, Paris, has increased. Where Will Indians Travel In 2021? Google’s New Tool Gives Insights On The Travel Demand.

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Indians To Favour Kashmir Over Switzerland

The survey also tried to understand people’s plan to undertake domestic travel in the next three months. Domestic travel is likely to be strong if India can contain the spread of Covid-19 and mutated virus. So Indians can cancel their Switzerland trip in favour of Dalhousie or Kashmir. Indian Travel Agencies Now Offer Vaccine Tourism Packages To UK, US & Russia.

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Overall, the survey indicates that the mutant coronavirus has led to 66% of consumers to hold back their international travel plans.

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