Indians Own More Properties In The UK Than The English And Here’s Why

by Shreya Ghosh
Indians Own More Properties In The UK Than The English And Here’s Why

The United Kingdom is the country of the English. But surprisingly the numbers do not sit accordingly when it comes to properties in this country. As per reports, Indians are currently the owners of more properties than the English in London, United Kingdom. And it is to be noted that the highest numbers of property owners are followed by the English at the second, and Pakistanis at the third.

Indians Own More Properties In The UK Than The English

Barratt London is a residential developer in London and the study shows these results. The NRIs, investors, and students going there for education constitute the most people owning properties in the heart of the UK. This study showed that Indian investors are ready to shell out humongous amounts anywhere between GBP 290,000 and GBP 450,000 to purchase properties in London. They are ready to pay for one, two, or in fact, three-bedroom apartment in the capital. The demand for Indian investors to own apartments and properties in London is increasing. One of the biggest reasons for such a surge in demand in the capital city is that London is a great place for education and financial purposes.

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Stuart Leslie, the International Sales and Marketing Director for Barratt London said to, ‘We are seeing strong demand from Indian investors looking to purchase properties in London and invest in the stable and long-term property market. Outside of London, most of our products are sold to UK residential buyers, who buy these properties and live in them.’

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The Study Showed A Lot Of Numbers!

The study revealed a lot of facts about the properties in the UK and the numbers behind them. Almost 30% of sales at Barratt London in London belong to investors. Mostly, they use these apartments and properties to rent out to others. And in this 30% of property owners, many are from overseas markets as well.