India’s Alcohol Scene Gears Up For 2024; Here Are The Trends To Look Forward To

by Tejashee Kashyap
India’s Alcohol Scene Gears Up For 2024; Here Are The Trends To Look Forward To

The world of alcohol is ever-evolving, with trends that transcend time, reflecting societal shifts and consumer preferences. As we step into the future, the landscape of alcohol is set to undergo significant transformations and an increasing demand for unique experiences. India’s food and beverage scene has had a busy year in 2023 thanks to the introduction of several creative craft spirits, more seasonal ingredient experimenting, and a stronger emphasis on sustainability.

1. Innovative Cocktail Programs

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Cocktail programmes with low or no alcohol content are becoming more popular; artificially sweet and sugary mocktails are being replaced.  “Mixologists are putting as much effort into creating original mocktails as they would in making cocktails – using innovative techniques and local ingredients. For bars, this also makes business sense because it can transform an entire community of teetotalers into regulars,” shares Vikram Achanta, Co-Founder of 30BestBarsIndia. This trend has given rise to an array of alcohol-free beers, spirits, and mocktails, crafted to deliver sophisticated flavours without the intoxicating effects.

“The consumption of hard spirits has decreased by 20-30% among millennials and Gen Z, especially in urban environments. As a result, ‘no and low-alcoholic beverages’ are becoming more popular and accessible, with dedicated retailers, e-commerce sites, and bars entering the market,” adds Bhagath Reddy, CEO & Founder, Comte de Grasse

2. Reimagining Alcohol Menus

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As the world becomes more interconnected, the boundaries between different cultures blur. And this is reflected in the world of alcohol. “Another area to watch is increased storytelling in bar menus. Well-designed menus that highlight the drinks’ creators establish a connection between the consumer and the bartender,” notes Achanta. Customers are better able to process and comprehend the beverage programmes and the cocktails when information about cocktail genres, sweetness measurements, and ABV percentages is provided. This shift towards personalisation extends beyond just the product itself; it encompasses the entire drinking experience.

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3. Limited-Edition Launches


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In the dynamic world of alcoholic beverages, limited edition launches create a sense of anticipation and excitement among consumers. Consumers are drawn to the idea of owning or experiencing something rare and unique. “They allow brands to innovate with new flavours, ingredients, and techniques while offering consumers a wider variety of spirit choices, educating them about the category and reinforcing brand awareness. Additionally, they enable small distilleries to launch fantastic products, peaking interest in consumers and driving higher brand recall,” adds Kasturi Banerjee, Founder of Stilldistilling Spirits, which makes Maka Zai rum. Additionally, collaborations between alcohol brands and other entities, such as renowned chefs, artists, or even other beverage producers, contribute to the creation of limited-edition releases that tell a compelling story.

4. Sustainable Practices

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As environmental awareness grows, the alcohol industry is pivoting towards sustainability. From eco-friendly production methods to recyclable packaging, consumers are increasingly demanding that their favourite brands take responsibility for their environmental impact. “Consumers and industry figures over the years have shifted focus on brands that prioritize sustainable packaging solutions. However, with increasing concerns around climate change, especially after events like COP26, the expectation is to look beyond just packaging itself and develop new technologies that focus on cutting down energy consumption and adopting practices that are more environmentally friendly and future-proof,” says Reddy. The future of alcohol will see a surge in sustainable practices.

As the industry continues to evolve, it is the brands that embrace these emerging trends that will undoubtedly stand out in the ever-expanding world of alcoholic beverages.

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