India’s Famous Golden Temple Comes To Brampton In Canada

by Madhusree Chatragadda
India’s Famous Golden Temple Comes To Brampton In Canada

The Golden Temple in Amritsar hardly needs any introduction being one of the most visited places of worship all year round. Christened Sri Harmandir Sahib, it is known to the world as the Golden Temple due to its gold plating. The temple gives one a very peaceful experience covering a vast area with a pond full of fishes, a cool breeze flowing through a calm atmosphere only interrupted by the prayers emanating from inside. And now, you can experience this in Brampton, Canada as well! We are just as stoked as you are.

Credits: Brampton Guardian

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The Golden Temple of Brampton
When we say Brampton has it’s own Golden temple now we do not mean they somehow got the one in India or constructed a brand new lookalike. Nothing of that sort folks. But exciting nonetheless, The Golden Temple here is, in fact, an immersive multimedia experience, the world’s first one!

It took 18 months for this unique exhibition to finally see the light of day and boy are we glad. Check out this sneak peek and you’ll know what we’re talking about.

What’s More?
So what exactly do you get when you head here for an experience similar to that of being at the actual Golden Temple? You get to learn all about Guru Nanak, each of the 10 gurus’ values and motivations behind them, the chant Ik Oankar and much more. The objective behind the exhibition was to make these very histories accessible to all people and bring about awareness and a clearer understanding of the Sikh religion.

You will officially get a glimpse into a day at the Golden Temple as it is in Amritsar. For those who cannot travel for various reasons, this sure comes as a blessing in disguise! Golden Temple has now come to you instead of the other way around and it’s just as enriching an experience people. What say? Find out more details here.

Guided school tours are also available!

Credits: IN5 Experium: The Golden Temple

There’s lots more to do in Brampton, Canada, and after you’ve had this unique immersive experience of the Golden Temple, here’s what else to check out in the mini Punjab of Canada.

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And if you’re in Amritsar offering prayers at The Golden Temple itself, don’t miss out on this absolutely gorgeous property, true to the Punjabi roots.

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Address: IN5 Experuim: The Golden Temple, 70 Peel Centre Dr, Brampton, ON L6T 4G8, Canada
Contact:  +1 647-222-7995
Tickets: $17 (₹878 approx) for Adults
$12 (₹619 approx) for Children between 4-15 years
$15 (₹774 approx) for Senior Citizens aged 65+