India’s First Green House Bistro In Goa Lets You Experience The Joy Of Dining In Nature

by Tania Tarafdar
India’s First Green House Bistro In Goa Lets You Experience The Joy Of Dining In Nature

If you love greens, whether it is the lush natural surroundings or farm-to-table local, and organic food, India’s first Greenhouse Bistro in Goa shall be your next food habitat. Favela gives a very countryside vibe through its green surroundings and slow food philosophy. Located at one of the most premium locations in North Goa in Calangute Baga Road, it is one of the most idyllic nature cafes you will come across.

A Tropical Botanique Experience In The Heart Of Goa

The entire space is occupied with all kinds of plants, in various sizes and colours that breathe life into the cafe. However, the ‘green’ in this bistro not only signifies the plants but also the local herbs and vegetables used to cook the meals. Their menu is designed to encourage eco-gastronomy and strongly advocates the connection between the plate and the planet.

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The Delicious Menu Will Put You In Food Coma

And while the ambience is enough to enchant you, the service and hospitality here are top-notch. The menu is digital, so you can just scan and get the menu on your smartphones, which is both convenient and safe! If you are confused about what to try, ask for recommendations. We have heard great things about their Andhra Fried Chicken and Kraikudi Fried Prawns. The flavours and the spices will actually make you go into a food coma!

Choose From An Extravagant Drinks Menu

They also have a vast menu for drinks and have their own in-house specialties. Try their signature mocktail ‘Mexican Crafix’, a combo of cranberry and jalapeno with a sweet with a hint of spice. The Virgin Watermelon Caipirinha is a refreshing drink that is highly recommended.

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Soak into the tropical paradise and savour the serenity of India’s first-ever Greenhouse Bistro!