India’s First Smart City Indore To Have A Smart Address As Well

by Sushmita Mahanta
India’s First Smart City Indore To Have A Smart Address As Well

Indore becomes a source of great pride for India as it now holds the title of the first smart City to have a smart address. Yes, you heard it right! The city of Indore has signed an MoU with the firm ‘Pataa’ Navigations to implement a fully digital addressing system. The MoU seeks to raise the standard of living for rural area residents by making resources like loans, seeds, and technical support more accessible.
The MoU is signed by Rajat Jain, co-founder of Pataa Navigations, and Rishav Gupta, CEO of Indore Smart City.

Indore Becomes The First Indian City With A Digital Address System

With Indore becoming the first city with a digital address system, opportunities increase for startups to improve upon their mapping, geo-fencing, and last-mile physical & drone delivery services.

Smart City CEO Rishav Gupta reveals that Address Navigation has recently developed a patented advanced technology. It has partnered with ISRO to create a Digital Addressing System for the country. According to the CEO, Address Navigation is a short and unique code that will lead to your geo-tagged location.

Meanwhile, Smart City executive director and commissioner Pratibha Pal feels that along the lines of making Indore a smart city, it is also going to become the first city in India with a digital addressing system. And Smart City has taken a very important step toward the same.

About The MoU

The MoU between Indore City and ‘Pataa’ states that the Pataa app will be used by all government agencies. It will also be used for emergency services like the police, fire department, and ambulance. The app will also help with necessary services like E-KYC and banking geotagging. The Pataa app will be accessible to everyone at the business.
Apart from this, to provide access to Digital Addressing Systems, Pataa Navigation will integrate with government platforms. These platforms include the departments of electricity, agriculture, excise, women and child welfare, and education.

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