India’s Weightlifting Sensation Jeremy Lalrinnunga Hails From This Stunning City In Mizoram

by Sushmita Mahanta
India’s Weightlifting Sensation Jeremy Lalrinnunga Hails From This Stunning City In Mizoram

Commonwealth Games 2022 is long over but you must be proud to know that it’s India that soared high as one of the top performing nations. While Indian athletes snatched gold left and right in this year’s CWG , it was Northeast India’s 19-year-old Jeremy Lalrinnunga who had stolen a lot of limelight and attention.
Northeast has been giving India a lot of world-class athletes. And with Jeremy’s big gold win at CWG2022, it’s time we take a look at the stunning city of Mizoram he hails from. Jeremy’s home Aizawl, a quaint city and the capital of the state of Mizoram in northeast India, totally deserves to be on your travel bucket list, and here’s why!

Discover Aizawl, The Capital City Of Mizoram

Craving for a weekend getaway amidst nature? Well, Aizawl in Mizoram is all about rolling hills and abundant greenery! This stunning city in Mizoram lies at a height of 1132 above sea level and as a beautiful hill station, Aizawl also makes for one of the major tourist destinations in North Eastern India. Aizawl is well connected via roads and air connectivity to other major hubs of Northeast India such as Silchar and Guwahati. However, you will require an Inner Line Pass or ILP for entry into Mizoram. That too is easily accessible in Guwahati, Silchar, Shillong, New Delhi and Kolkata. Planning a trip to Aizawl might take you a while but it’s worth it considering you get to be in between the Tlawng River Valley and the Tuirial River Valley once you enter the stunning city in Mizoram!

stunning city in mizoram

Climate And Best Time To Visit

The scintillating beauty Aizawl is located above the Tropic of Cancer and hence experiences mild temperatures throughout the year. So it’s okay for you to plan a trip to this stunning city in Mizoram at any time. However, we recommend you visit the city during the summer months, mostly during March or May. It’s when you will find the city’s flora in full bloom and trust us, all you nature lovers are gonna be mesmerized by the beauty of Aizawl!

Where To Stay And What To Explore In The Stunning City In Mizoram

If you are someone who’s in for exploring nature as well as the Mizo culture, Aizawl has a lot to offer! You can experience the local population and their own handicrafts in their main market Bara Bazar or buy local garments at Zion Street. Also, do not skip the Mizoram State Museum in Zarkawt. And if you ever wanted to visit the famous family of Pu Ziona, the largest existing family in the world, then you must head to the Baktawng Village in Aizawl.
For all the nature lovers, Durtlang hills is a gem in Aizawl you should never skip. Tucked in the northern side of the city, the Durtlang hills wear a blanket of cloud in the morning hours, making one feel as if they are in a paradise. Apart from this, visiting the Khawnglung Wildlife Sanctuary is also an ideal way to appreciate a piece of the wild of this stunning city in Mizoram.
Aizawl has many resorts with gorgeous views of the nearby hills and valleys. We recommend you go for the very famous Reiek Tourist Resort, Durtlang Hills and Hmuifang, for a comfortable stay in the lap of nature!

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