“IndiGo Is Lying, People Are Suffering”, Kapil Sharma Slams Airline For Delay At Chennai Airport

Kapil Sharma slammed IndiGo after facing flight delays at Chennai Airport.

by Sanjana Shenoy
“IndiGo Is Lying, People Are Suffering”, Kapil Sharma Slams Airline For Delay At Chennai Airport

Comedian-actor Kapil Sharma took to X (formerly, Twitter) to slam IndiGo after his flight faced unexplainable delays at Chennai Airport. The infuriated celebrity criticised the airlines for making passengers wait for hours at the airport. Kapil Sharma called IndiGo “shameless” and said the airline was “lying” to passengers about the actual reason behind the delay. Here’s what happened.

Kapil Sharma Slams IndiGo For Unexpected Delays

Kapil Sharma posted a slew of tweets on X giving his fans and followers updates about the total chaos that ensued at Chennai Airport on November 29. In his first post, he stated that IndiGo made him and other passengers wait in the airport bus for 50 minutes. And later apparently, the airline informed passengers that the pilot was stuck in traffic. Kapil Sharma further said that the flight was supposed to take off at 8 pm. Yet at 9:20 pm, there is no sign of the pilot in the cockpit.

To make matters worse, Kapil Sharma later shared a video of passengers deboarding the flight. He goes on to add in the caption that passengers were told to deboard the flight. The crew promised to fly them in another aircraft. Adding salt to their wounds, they were told to head back to the terminal for a security check.

Later, Kapil Sharma shared a video of passengers arguing with the IndiGo ground crew. Passengers were heard asking the crew what they were doing and what was going on there. Another asked if it was a Bigg Boss house. Kapil Sharma goes on to write in the caption that people were suffering because of the airline.

He accused IndiGo of blatantly lying to passengers. And even drew attention to the fact that unexpected and unexplainable delays were causing a lot of inconvenience to elderly passengers in wheelchairs who weren’t in good health condition. “Shame on you IndiGo”, says the actor-comedian.

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Netizens React To His Slew Of Posts

IndiGo replied to Kapil Sharma’s angry post on X. Citing operational reasons at Chennai Airport, the airline apologised for the delay. And further thanked him for taking the time to speak with their airport manager. Furthermore, IndiGo highly appreciated the passengers’ understanding and promised to serve them better next time.

But Netizens were appalled at the experience shared by the TV personality. @sunilpk says, “Can the Pilots and Cabin Crew be put up in the Hotels in the Airport campus to avoid traffic jams ? Just asking..”

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@LawyerSoni adds, “Reasons given by @IndiGo6E are unexpected and against the rules of @DGCAIndiaTheir actions, in addition to the violation of the rules made, fall under the deficiency of services under the consumer laws. People on the board should be compensated heavily. @CallMeSaleem1 comments, ” Concerns about passenger well-being are valid; transparency and improved assistance are essential for a positive travel experience.”

Meanwhile, do let us know if you have ever faced such unexpected delays while flying domestically.

Cover Image Courtesy: @kapilsharma/ Instagram and @KapilSharmaK9/ X

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