Infected With COVID? Here’s How Long Should You Wait To Travel

by Deeplata Garde
Infected With COVID? Here’s How Long Should You Wait To Travel

The urge to travel during the pandemic is at its peak. But there are a plethora of reasons you just can’t. One of the major reasons would be, being infected with COVID virus. But what happens after your recovery? Till when does one have to isolate themselves? And how long does it take to make it to the next flight again?  Long after you’ve stopped being infectious, you can still test positive. Would you need to undergo similar global testing rules for travel after a recent infection? Here’s a list of things to know before you plan your trip after recovery from the Corona Virus.

How Long Should You Wait To Travel After Being Infected With COVID?

Your movement after recovery depends on varied factors. Like vaccination status, booster dose and the country of origin and onwards. You need to be well versed with the travel rules of the destination. The requirement of Pre and post-tests and with what time duration? Also, enquire about isolation span.

The Centre for Disease Control & Prevention has laid some ground rules to travel after recovery. They suggest avoiding travelling for at least 10days post-recovery period. After that, they need to present a report confirming no symptoms.

Mandatory Documents To Travel Post Recovery

After recovery, you might test positive for three months consecutively. Hence gaining proof to verify recovery from the virus will work instead of a negative test. A positive test result taken not less than 90 days can be proof. This has to accompany a letter from your healthcare representative mentioning your clearance to travel.
And the letter should be the official letterhead of the provider. It has to contain your personal verification details similar to passport details. Also, it should comprise of healthcare providers signature and date.