Influencer Packs Caviar, Steak In Son’s Lunchbox; Netizens Call It “The Most Pretentious Thing”

by Shreya Ghosh
Influencer Packs Caviar, Steak In Son’s Lunchbox; Netizens Call It “The Most Pretentious Thing”

Remember the good ol’ times of enjoying our lunchboxes with our school friends every day? No matter what our parents packed for lunch, those were surely the golden days. Looks like the kinds of food items added to kids’ lunchboxes now have changed a lot from our school days. An influencer shared a video of packing her son’s box where she added fancy items such as salmon, steak, caviar, and a lot more.

Influencer’s Video Of Packing Son’s Lunchbox With Caviar & Salmon Has Grabbed Everyone’s Attention

Taking to the Instagram handle Brianna Weimar (@itsgoodbyetwenties), she showed the entire process of adding all the expensive delicacies to the box and shared the story of how her son is going to become the world’s greatest surgeon in the future and that’s why she is preparing his palate from now onwards.


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The influencer packed the lunchbox with steak strips, steak sauce, smoked salmon, caviar worth $50, crème fraîche, a handful of perfectly round potato chips, watermelon and feta salad with balsamic drizzle, and a chocolate cake with a sprinkle of sea salt. Brianna even asked the Netizens “Is this the world’s most expensive school lunch”. She shared that her son is destined to become the world’s greatest surgeon and how she takes the first grader’s nutrition very seriously. She is just preparing her son from now on so that he can fit in with his colleagues in the future.

Brianna believes that this lunchbox will help her son make a great impression on his teachers and friends in school. Well, what do you have to say about this viral video?

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How Are Netizens Reacting To The Viral Video?

Picture credit- Instagram/ Brianna Weimar (@itsgoodbyetwenties)

This is not a usual lunchbox or something that parents usually give to their kids for eating lunch at school. This is indeed by far the opposite of what school students carry in their lunchboxes. Netizens are commenting on how they feel about all these food items added to the box for the first-grader. Looks like no one is impressed with all these fancy things. In fact, people are calling her pretentious for doing such things.

This video is going viral and making rounds on social media. The influencer is receiving a lot of flak for this video of packing a lunchbox for her son with so many different kinds of food items.

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Someone commented under the video, “As a surgeon, I had taco bell for lunch 🙂”. A comment read, “My son is destined to be an astronaut so I drop him off the roof every day so he gets use to zero gravity.” A Netizen wrote, “Who’s going to tell her that Jr. ain’t eating that and will ditch that lunch for greasy pizza and fries”. Another comment read, “Imagine the smell when the lunch box is open 😮😮😮”. An Instagrammer commented, “Yes, your son will be involved in surgery! He will be in the OR for cardiac resuscitation for heart disease by his twenties. 😮”.

What are your reactions to this viral video of the influencer adding expensive food to her son’s lunchbox?

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/ Brianna Weimar (@itsgoodbyetwenties)

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