Inside Chennai Airport’s New Terminal! From Kollam To Temples, Witness The Beautiful Blend Of Tamil Culture!

by Shreya Rathod
Inside Chennai Airport’s New Terminal! From Kollam To Temples, Witness The Beautiful Blend Of Tamil Culture!

Chennai International Airport is one of the busiest airports in the country. And it has gone under a revamp! Phase one of the new integrated terminal at Chennai International Airport was inaugurated on Saturday by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Its cost was 1,260 crores, while the whole project cost is expected to be 2,467 crores. Whereas, Phase 2 will be funded with the remaining sum. Recently, the Ministry of Culture tweeted about the beautiful interior of this new terminal at the Chennai International Airport.

Chennai Airport’s New Terminal

The new terminal is a magnificent manifestation of the local Tamil culture, with traditional components like the Kolam, sarees, temples, and other features that emphasise the surrounding scenery.

The new integrated terminal will contain 108 immigration counters in addition to 100 check-in counters, self-baggage drop kiosks, 11 automatic tray retrieval systems for faster security screening, e-gates for boarding, and enhanced frisking booths. The airport’s ability to serve passengers will go from 23 million per year to 30 million per year with the opening of this terminal.

From the waiting room, passengers can observe them through the LED display. The cleared baggage will be delivered directly to the flights. It would be put on hold if there were any issues. According to airport officials, this method will produce reliable findings because it will be simple to identify prohibited products.

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Phase 2 Of The Airport

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Credits: Wikimedia

Soon, international flight operations will be moved to this structure. Although the structure has been officially opened, it is not yet known when it will be accessible to travellers. According to sources, it should start operating as soon as possible.

Phase 2 could start soon. The old Anna International Terminal will be demolished and its remaining components will be built underneath it. After everything is finished, the domestic terminal will run concurrently at both ends and the international terminal will run simultaneously in the middle.

For many years, travellers have been vocal about a variety of problems at the airport, including long wait times during peak hours for check-in, immigration, and lavatory maintenance.

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And this is one step towards making their travel easy!

Cover Image Courtesy: Ministry of Culture/ Twitter