Inspiring Story Of Specially-Abled Swiggy Delivery Agent Will Melt Your Heart

by Shreya Ghosh
Inspiring Story Of Specially-Abled Swiggy Delivery Agent Will Melt Your Heart

When we order food online, we anticipate it to get delivered as soon as possible. It really irritates us when it takes way more time than usual and we often call the delivery agents too to know about the update of our deliveries. Well, this is quite a common thing that most of us experience frequently. But the delivery agent does not really take time or delay without any reason. They often face problems that lead to delaying. And something similar happened with Rohit Kumar Singh when he placed an order from Swiggy and it took a long time to reach him.

A Specially-Abled Swiggy Delivery Agent Delivered Rohit’s Order

Like any other Sunday, Rohit Kumar Singh of Bengaluru placed an order on Swiggy. The weather was very cosy with light drizzling and gloomy surroundings, and Rohit felt too lazy to step outside in that weather. So he placed his order on Swiggy and waited for 30 minutes to receive his parcel. Though the ETA was 30 minutes, he didn’t receive the delivery on time. Being impatient with this situation like anyone else, he called the Swiggy delivery man to know about the delivery updates. He called the agent quite a few times and every time the agent responded sweetly. And finally, after waiting for some time more, Rohit received his parcel and it left him in shock.

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Rohit Talked About His Interaction With The Agent On LinkedIn

Rohit shared in a LinkedIn post how he felt at the moment. After opening the door, he noticed a specially-abled delivery man in his 40s balancing himself with his crutches and smiling at Rohit. He wrote a heartwarming post on the social media platform and revealed how he felt stupid for being impatient when the delivery agent worked hard and struggled to bring this parcel to him. The name of the Swiggy delivery man is Krishnappa Rathod and he is now working as a delivery boy after he lost his job at a cafe during the Covid-19 pandemic. And now, he is delivering parcels to earn his livelihood and run his family.

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Rohit wanted to know more about Krishnappa Rathod but the delivery man did not have time in hand as he had to rush for another delivery. Rohit noted the delivery agent’s GPay number to donate some amount and also asked the netizens to donate some money as well.