iPavPro: IG Account Imagines What Swati Snacks’s Vada Pav Will Be Like With An Apple Update

by Tooba Shaikh
iPavPro: IG Account Imagines What Swati Snacks’s Vada Pav Will Be Like With An Apple Update

Apple products are infamous for their price tags which can be a bit steep. They are also known for marketing essential accessories of their iPhones separately. If you buy an iPhone, you’ll have to even purchase its adaptor separately. Recently, Tim Cook came to India and opened the first official Apple store. Surfing on this trend, an Instagram account parodied the brand and its advertisement by re-imagining an updated version of Swati Snacks’s Vada Pav.

Instagram Account Reimagines Swati Snacks’s Vada Pav As An iPhone Product


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A post shared by Freddy Birdy (@freddy_birdy)

The hilarious Instagram post shared what it would be like if Swati Snacks’s Vada Pav was an iPhone product. The post talked about how the current version of the Vada Pav has been discontinued and there will be a new Vada Pav in its stead.

Parodying the way Apple usually goes about introducing new features in its products, the post talked about how the new Vada Pav has new (read: irrelevant) features like extra garlic pod, a heightened yellow colour, a wider base for better grip and other hilarious features.

It was posted by the famous Instagram account called Freddy Birdy along with the caption #ipavpro. It was posted a few hours ago and since then it has received over five thousand likes and even more views. The comment section was flooded with people commenting on the tongue-in-cheek.

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Comment Section Is A Laughter-Riot

Swati Snacks
Credits: Canva Images

Many people commented on the post describing what they loved about it. Some people even added to the humour of the post by writing funny quips on the post. One of the darker comments said that the post forgot to mention how the “Vada Pavs” were made by Chinese children. If you know, you know.

Another comment suggested that the Vada Pav be kept in a museum so that people can visit it from time to time. Many people even lauded the caption which they felt was creative and hilarious. One commenter talked about how they felt like the arrival of Tim Cook was hyped beyond reason. Because after all’s said and done, here is merely a CEO of a company whose products people purchase.

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Cover Image Credits: Canva Images