Irfan Pathan Slams Vistara Staff For Rude Behaviour And Bad Travel Experience

by Sanmita A
Irfan Pathan Slams Vistara Staff For Rude Behaviour And Bad Travel Experience

We all have one time or the other faced inconvenience while taking flights or train! No matter the journey, it is likely that one may have to face trouble while travelling. Sadly, even the VIPs are not spared, despite booking the best of flights, seats or services. In another such incident, after Sanjiv Kapoor’s experience with Air India flight, Irfan Pathan on Thursday, took to Twitter and shared his ‘bad flight’ experience. Irfan Pathan was travelling via Vistara Airlines with his wife and two children when he faced some issue regarding the downgrade of his ticket and rude behaviour of Vistara Airlines crew. Here’s all the details –

Vistara Airlines Slammed By Cricketer Irfan Pathan For Bad Experience

Irfan Pathan, in a tweet shared about his flying experience with Vistara Airlines. Pathan said that the airlines’ ground staff were extremely rude with him. He was travelling with his family to Dubai when the airlines incident took place. Here’s what he had to say –

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How Did Vistara Clarify & Other VIPs React?

Irfan Pathan’s reaction to the airlines’ terrible services did bring in a lot of negative comments. VIPs like Jyotiraditya M. Scindia, and others reacted to the situation and expressed their concern. His post received a lot of traction from politicians, dignitaries and even the travellers’ who claimed that such inconveniences weren’t new and keep happening. Pathan also narrated in his experience, about another family facing a similar issue. However, this is how Vistara responded to the entire situation –

What do you think of such situations? As for the frequent flyers, they aren’t very happy and claim to have been treated rudely by airlines staff one time or the other.

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