Jaisalmer Looks Stunning As City Witnesses Most Rainfall In 66 Years

by Sanjana Shenoy
Jaisalmer Looks Stunning As City Witnesses Most Rainfall In 66 Years

Jaisalmer also known as the ‘Golden City’ is dotted with sandstone architecture, majestic forts and Jain temples. Sitting in the heart of Thar Desert, Jaisalmer is known for its expansive sand dunes and scorching hot weather during the summer season. But this year, the ‘Golden City’ witnessed the highest rainfall in 66 years, endowing the landscape with rich flora and fauna. Read on to know more.

IAS Officer Tina Dabi Captured Stunning Pics Of Jaisalmer Monsoons

IAS officer Tina Dabi, the 65th collector of Rajasthan’s Jaisalmer district, took to social media to show netizens the stunning beauty of the city amid the heavy monsoon season. Jaisalmer received 270 mm rainfall in July, the highest in 66 years. The beautiful pictures of the city will leave you wondering if this is really a city in a desert. Channelling her inner photographer, Tina Dabi captured pictures of lakes housing migratory birds and lush greenery after heavy rains welcoming visitors.

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Netizens In Awe Of The Beauty Of Jaisalmer

Her caption asked netizens if they’d believe the pictures were taken in Rajasthan. She further emphasised that this is how beautiful different districts of Jaisalmer look after receiving record-breaking rainfall. Netizens were blown away by the sheer beauty of Jaisalmer. Many of them were left planning a trip to the gorgeous city asap. The Instagram comments were all about appreciating the beauty of Jaisalmer.