Jammu And Kashmir To Get Centrally-Heated Vande Bharat Trains Starting 2024; Full Details Inside

by Shreya Shriyan
Jammu And Kashmir To Get Centrally-Heated Vande Bharat Trains Starting 2024; Full Details Inside

Vande Bharat Trains have been gaining all kinds of attention and for all the right reasons. The trains have increased tourism and are only improving. And now, in a wave of good news for Jammu and Kashmir, the regions may get a centrally-heated Vande Bharat train, as early as next year. 

Jammu And Kashmir To Get Centrally-Heated Vande Bharat Train

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The Integral Coach Factory (ICF) is planning to launch Vande Bharat trains with heating for Jammu and Kashmir next year, reported Economic Times. As per the reports, after raising the national flag during Independence Day celebrations, B G Mallya, ICF’s General Manager, announced the decision. 

He stated that the upcoming trains will have heating and water facilities. These trains will feature compartments with heating, as well as specially designed pipes to prevent freezing and breakage. This is as per Economic Times’s report. As per the report, this effort corresponds to ICF’s strategy of developing various versions of Vande Bharat trains.

Mallya highlighted that ICF aims to produce 3,241 coaches in around 30 different styles this year, reported Economic Times.  This encompasses two push-pull trains featuring LHB coaches and delivering a comparable travel experience to Vande Bharat trains in non-AC sections, stated the report.

As per Mallya’s statement to Economic Times, Mallya went on to clarify that the train will boast upgraded interiors and premium passenger facilities.  They will be similar to what Vande Bharat trains already provide. A uniquely crafted locomotive will be linked to both ends of the train to facilitate push-pull operations, resulting in higher speeds, he said in his statement.

Additionally, ICF is set to manufacture a sleeper edition of Vande Bharat trains for extended journeys, stated the report. As per the report, they will also introduce the Vande Metro variant catering to short-distance intercity travellers. 

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What Other Developments Are Under Way?

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Another addition is the Gati Shakti train, designed for swift freight transport under the Vande Bharat framework. The Gati Shakti train targets the smooth movement of e-commerce, fast-moving consumer goods, and temperature-sensitive items, reported Economic Times. 

As per the report, Mallya emphasized ICF’s achievement in increasing the production capacity of the next-gen Vande Bharat trains, despite facing diverse challenges. He pointed out that the factory had exceeded expectations, putting 30 trains into service to connect cities nationwide.

During the past year, the factory successfully met its goal of producing 2,702 coaches. This encompassed 12 advanced Vande Bharat trains with multiple upgraded attributes, as well as 2,261 LHB coaches, reported Economic Times.

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So, when are you planning your next Jammu and Kasmir train aboard the Vande Bharat Trains?

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