Japan Has Opened Borders For Indians And Here’s How You Can Visit

by Sanmita A
Japan Has Opened Borders For Indians And Here’s How You Can Visit

After two long years of the dreadful pandemic, Japan has finally opened its borders and is all set to welcome tourists from across the world. This move is a significant one for travellers who wanted to visit Japan as it was one of the countries with strict Covid-19 guidelines. Japan will still have a few restrictions in place. For instance, the tourists have to enter the nation along with a tour group.


Japan’s government has divided all three districts into red, yellow and blue. The categorisation will further determine the visitor’s quarantine measures. Japan has decided that people from US, Australia, Thailand and Singapore will enter the country in small groups. Earlier, the country had banned foreign nationals to enter the country during the Olympic Games held in Tokyo.

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How Do Travellers Enter Japan?

The Government has set a limit to daily foreign arrivals. A total number of 20,000 travellers can visit Japan every day from June 1. And from June 10 onwards, tourists can enter the country in tour groups.

The tour groups will take the responsibility of ensuring the tourists are masked all the time and follow all the Covid-19 guidelines that Japan has in place.

Covid-19 Protocol To Ease Slowly

Japan Government had said that the travelling protocol will eventually be relaxed and it shall proceed slowly. In 2019, before the pandemic struck the world, Japan had welcomed a record number of 31.9 million foreign visitors.

Japan And Its Beauty

Japan_2Japan’s scenic beauty deserves all the praises, especially with its world-class culture and picturesque locations. The city has beautiful shrines, gardens, palaces, nature spots and most iconic cherry blossoms which draw so much attention to the country’s tourism.

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