Japan Is Planning To Send Tourists To Moon Via A Bullet Train

by Suchismita Pal
Japan Is Planning To Send Tourists To Moon Via A Bullet Train

Japan is planning to launch a state-of-the-art bullet train to take travellers to space. This revolutionary step by the researchers in Japan will also allow travellers to move from one planet to another. The Hexagon Space Track System project by Kyoto University in collaboration with Kajima construction is finally turning space tourism into reality. What’s more, the scientists as also planning to create an Earth-like atmosphere on Mars without harming the environment, where tourists will be able to live. To learn more, read on.


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Train To The Moon And Mars!

As reported by Weather Channel India, the project will facilitate the travel of humans from Earth to Mars and the moon. The bullet trains will travel through a highly advanced interplanetary transportation system known as Hexatrack. A structure called The Glass will be developed with amenities like water bodies, green areas and artificial gravity. The trains will be equipped with hexagonal-shaped capsules with a moving instrument in the centre. The Earth and the moon will be linked with the help of a small capsule with a 15-metre radius. A 20-metre radius capsule will connect the Earth and Mars. Moon and Mars will be connected with a 30-metre radius capsule.


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There Will Be Stations In Space Too

A train station is proposed to be developed on the moon which will be called Lunar Station. There will be a Mars Station as well. In order to alleviate the effects of prolonged exposure to low gravity, the Hexatrack will maintain a gravity of 1G (the Earth’s normal gravity) during long-distance travel. As reported by Space Science, a simplified prototype version of the project is slated to be completed by 2050. However, it might take around a century for the project to turn into reality. On that note, you might also Step Inside World’s First Space Hotel With Restaurants, Cinemas & Luxurious Rooms soon!