Japan Rail Pass Fares To Get 65% Costlier This Autumn

by Shreya Ghosh
Japan Rail Pass Fares To Get 65% Costlier This Autumn

If you have been to Japan or are planning an itinerary to visit here, you must know that the rail pass is one of the most affordable means of transportation. Using the Japan rail pass, people can easily commute from one place to another paying just a cheap price. This is the most ideal transport system for tourists who travel to this beautiful country on a budget trip. Well, things are about to change soon as the rail pass here will see an epic rise in prices very soon.

Japan Rail Pass Prices To Increase This Year

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The famous and much-talked-about economical means of transportation in Japan won’t be as affordable as it is at the present moment. International tourists will have to shell out a lot more than now to travel all around the country using the rail pass. Japan Railways Group stated recently on 14 April about their plans to increase the fare. They shared the fare for the pass to JR Central, JR East, JR Hokkaido, JR Kyushu, JR Shikoku, and JR West, according to a report by Time Out.

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Though Japan Railways Group has not specified any date, the new changes in the fares for foreigners will be coming into action somewhere in the month of October this year itself.

Here’s What The Change For Overseas Tourists Will Look Like This Autumn

In their recently released press release, Japan Railways Group has stated the hike in rail pass fares. The prices are all set to witness a massive rise from 65 per cent to 77 per cent.

If you want to purchase a rail pass, you can simply book it for the duration you want to use it. Tourists can purchase this pass for different numbers of days and for different destinations around the country.

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It is true that the prices will increase, but the Japan Railways Group also stated how the new changes will be helpful for visitors with many discounts, benefits, and access to many places.

What do you think about these new prices? Do you think that travelling on the Japan rail pass will be worthwhile after the prices get increased?

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