Japanese Company Apologizes For Train Leaving 25 Seconds Early

by Kritika Kukreja
Japanese Company Apologizes For Train Leaving 25 Seconds Early

Under 140 Characters

West Japan Railway firm severely apologizes as the train left the station 25 seconds early. 

What Is It?

Living in a country like India, we’re used to being late, waiting on all our friends getting late or simply waiting on public transportation services being late. But hearing stories like these always amuses us! A railway firm in West Japan gravely apologized to the public after a train left the station 25 seconds EARLY! Last week at Notogawa Station, the conductor wrongly assumed the departure time was at 7.11 am, while it was 7.12 am. The difference in time was a mere 25 seconds and that’s considered as a huge inconvenience in Japan. 

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What Else?

The train conductor realized his mistake and thought about opening the doors again, but due to the lack of passengers at the platform, he thought it would be better to keep going. Yet, there were few passengers who would have liked to board the train. An official apology was issued to them for the inconvenience caused, while a generalized apology was drawn to the rest of the public. 

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