Japanese Viral Dessert Matcha Mont Blanc Is A 10-Layered Heavenly Delicacy!

by Shreya Rathod
Japanese Viral Dessert Matcha Mont Blanc Is A 10-Layered Heavenly Delicacy!

Japanese cuisine has made its way into our hearts. We are familiar with sushi, nigiri, tempura, soba and udon noodles and other dishes. In fact, we have acquired a taste for these delicacies. Similarly, Japanese desserts have also become everyone’s favourite and are going viral! One of them is the Matcha Mont Blanc served at Tokyo’s Chacha Koubou Futatsume dessert shop. 

Matcha Mont Blanc: A 10-Layered Dessert


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The Japanese dessert Matcha Mont Blanc is going viral and everyone wants to try one! An Instagram user, adrianwidjy, posted a video featuring this unbelievable dessert. It starts with the vendor adding matcha green tea mont blanc on top of a cream layer. Then, he adds a gold leaf on top of it. Apparently, this dessert consists of ten layers but with eight components that include green tea chestnut, mashed bean paste, lemon marmalade, green tea syrup and sponge cake, agar jelly, mascarpone cream and a gold leaf!

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Moreover, the cost of one Matcha Mont Blanc is ¥1,200, which is around ₹730. You can find it at Chacha Futatsume in Asakusa (Tokyo). This dessert is not too sweet and has a stringy and soft texture. 

Chacha Futatsume In Asakusa 

The Chacha Futatsume is a dessert shop that serves tasty sweet treats made with organic Japanese tea. It is the second shop of Chacha Kobo, a Japanese tea cafe. Besides the Matcha Mont Blanc, they serve Japanese-style Affogato, Half & Half of Green Tea and Hojitea, Strawberry Daifuku and more! 

Apart from this viral treat, there are other Japanese desserts that are famous and you need to try them; here are some:  

  • Mochi — a sweet Japanese rice cake made that comes in different flavours. 
  • Daifuku — a popular type of wagashi. 
  • Rakugan — famous for its artistic presentation more than taste. 
  • Yokan — a dessert made with agar and sweet red bean paste. 
  • Dango — another wagashi made with glutinous rice and uruchi. 

Most of these desserts have a green tea or matcha flavour. It is a finely ground powder of green tea. It is used in traditional Japanese tea ceremonies. 

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So, what do you think of this viral Japanese layered dessert? 

Cover Image Courtesy: AdrianWidjy & chacha.futatsume/ Instagram