Japan’s Most Splendid Cherry Blossom Festival To Be Streamed Online This Year

by Suchismita Pal
Japan’s Most Splendid Cherry Blossom Festival To Be Streamed Online This Year

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It’s time to comfort your eyes from the comfort of your home! Japan’s biggest flower viewing festival Hanami or Cherry Blossom 2020 is here to take you all nature lovers by awe. This is one of the most significant festivals in Japan that signals the beginning of spring with the appearance of white and pink cherry blossoms, especially in Tokyo. Every year, tourists from different parts of the world flock into the city to revel in the beauty of the festival. But this year due to the threat of coronavirus,  the authorities have decided to stream the entire flower show online.

What Is It?

The Cherry Blossom Festival of Japan typically takes place at the juncture of March and April, when places like the Imperial Palace of Tokyo are soothingly dominated by a plethora of beautiful sakuras or cherry blossoms. It’s like ‘all at once, seeing a host of blushy cherry blossoms’. The Cherry Blossom 2020 was scheduled to take place from March 2020 to April 12. The virtual touring of the same has already started.

cherry blossom
Picture Credits: GTO

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What’s More?

This year, the festival witnessed it’s opening with the performances of vocalists Naotaro Moriyama, Anna Sato and Toshiyuki Sasaki. Though their songs are in Japanese, the soulful melodies will touch the inner chords of your soul for sure. Also, you can walk with your eyes through the alleys of the lush green Tidal Basin, washing off your stresses the breathtaking view of the spotless blue sky, a crystal-clear lake and more than twelve species of sakura trees. The park boasts of over thirty-seven hundred trees of cherry blossoms.

The peak bloom time of the flowers is yet to arrive and you will be able to witness the same in full throttle with a rotating virtual BloomCam. It will rotate every sixty seconds to give you a complete view of the expanse.

cherry blossom
Picture Credits: blwhite327

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So, nature-buffs,  you ready to bask in the charm of these mesmerising flowers?