Jatinga In Assam Is Known As The Valley Of Death

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Jatinga In Assam Is Known As The Valley Of Death

Every time someone mentions the northeast region of India, what comes to mind? Rich culture, heritage, lush greenery, pleasant climate, beautiful valleys, and everything so positive, right? Northeast India is a sight that everyone should see at least once in their lives. But there are many places in some northeastern states that are mysterious. One of them is Jatinga in Assam. This place is known as the “Valley of Death.” Curious? Keep reading to know why.

Jatinga: The Valley Of Death

Assam’s Dima Hasao district is home to a small village named Jatinga. This small village is blessed with eternal natural beauty and lush greenery. But this place is one of the 10 most mysterious places in India. The reason behind this is bird suicide. Yes, birds from different parts come to this village to not migrate or mate but to commit suicide every year. 

Between the months of September and November, hundreds of birds fly down to this village and commit suicide here. Different species of various birds like kingfishers, tiger bittern, black bittern, pond heron, indian pitta, little egret, green pigeon, black drongo, emerald dove, and many others fly to this village and die. This is the reason this village is famously known as the valley of death.

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Mystery Behind This Scary Phenomenon

For years, the local villagers believed that this phenomenon was because of some evil spirits that existed in the village. But as time passed, this mysterious place became a matter of research for many researchers and scientists. Many ornithologists also began studying this phenomenon closely and came to some conclusions.

They observed that this occurs between September and November at a specific time, which is between 7 pm and 10 pm.  Many scientists have observed that birds like kingfishers, pond herons, and tiger bitterns are bound to behave a little strangely during this period. Birds during this time migrate to other places, and Jatinga comes along. It is seen that many birds look very tired or dazed and crash into trees and buildings.

But this justifies migratory birds; what about other species? remains a mystery!

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We hope someone solves this mystery for once!

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