Jaw-Dropping Architectural Marvels: Here Are 10 Structures Everyone Must Check Out!

Architectural Marvels
by Mallika Khurana 170

Mankind has been after perfecting architectural integrity and creativity every since the beginning of time. No matter where you go, you will find exclusive architectural marvels, old or new, that will leave you stunned. These are a few of the world’s most amazing structures.

The Best Architectural Marvels In The World

1. The Alhambra

The Alhambra

Photo Credits: Canva

On Spanish grounds, this is definitely one of the most famous structures. More than 5000 people visit the complex everyday. The vision this place offers is an absolute delight. The Alhambra is one of the top reasons people visit Spain. 

2. Baalbek


Photo Credits: Canva

A cluster of ancient temples, stone stairways, courtyards and porticoes, Baalbek is in Lebanon. It is an ancient structure that gives us an insight into the creativity of Lebanese citizens in the old times. Typically a stone structure, Baalbek is a sight to behold.

3. Burj al Arab

Burj Al Arab

Photo Credits: Canva

Once you land in Dubai, it is hard to believe that this city is majorly a desert.  With glitz and glamour all around, Dubai is exquisite. And, the most exquisite part of the city is Burj-al-Arab. There is hardly anyone who doesn’t know of this 28-storey  marvel. This is typically a hotel that also serves as a view for everyone who visits the city.

4. Meenakshi Sundareshwar Temple

Meenakshi Sundareshwar Temple

Photo Credits: Canva

Tamil Nadu is especially famous for its temple. Most of them were built during the Chola Dynasty. The most sought-after temple that is actually an architectural marvel is the Meenakshi Sundareshwar Temple, devoted to Goddess Meenakshi. The structure of this temple presents striking hues, many sculptures of various Gods, dwarves, warriors, demons and more.

5. La Mezquita

La Mezquita

Photo Credits: Canva

La Mezquita is a beautiful mosque situated in Spain. It used to be one of the biggest mosques in Al-Andalus. While it has not been functional since 1236, it is still a beautiful sight. The interior is exquisite with a hallucinatory feature that makes a dreamy vision attracting many visitors.

6. Colosseum


Photo Credits: Canva

The most-popular structure in all of Rome is this Colosseum. Constructed in 72 AD, it is an ampitheatre, still the biggest one in the world.  It took 60,000 Jewish slaves nine years to build it completely. In a span of four centuries, this sight was a witness to the killings of thousand gladiators. 

7. Neuschwanstein Castle

Architectural Marvels

Photo Credits: Canva

Ludwig II of Bavaria had built this castle in Schwangau, Germany as his place of residence. Since his demise in 1886, 60 million people have travelled to visit this castle from around the world.  This castle is also the inspiration for Disney’s iconic logo and also heir sleeping beauty castle.

8. Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal

Photo Credits: Canva

One of the 7 wonders of the world, Taj Mahal is located in Agra, India. Considered a symbol of love, Taj Mahal is very well known all around the world. This structure was built in white marble in 1653 by the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan.

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9. Angkor Wat

Architectural Marvels

Photo Credits: Canva

Angkor Wat is an ancient religious structure in Cambodia. When it comes to religious structures, this is the tallest one in world. Originally a Hindu temple, it was turned into a place of worship for Buddhists in the late 13th century.

10. Petronas Towers

Architectural Marvels

Photo Credits: Canva

Situated in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, The Petronas Towers have 88 storeys that rise up to 452 metres above the city. The towers are so tall that a bridge was built between them to keep them from falling.

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