Jeweller Turns Vegetable Vendor To Support Family

by Suchismita Pal
Jeweller Turns Vegetable Vendor To Support Family

Life can throw up challenges at any point of time. Often, to overcome the challenges, people need to do things that they might not have imagined in their deepest thoughts. Something similar happened with his jewellery seller in Jaipur. Hukumchand Soni, who was a jeweller since the last 25 years has now started selling vegetables to earn a living amid lockdown.

How Did It Happen?

Soni’s small jewellery counter, the ‘GP Jewellery Shop’, in Jaipur’s Ram Nagar, that used to be decked with expensive ornaments is now transformed into a store that sells potatoes, onions and other vegetables. After lockdown, numerous sellers of non-essential goods are facing huge losses. To cover up for the losses, Soni had to find a suitable alternative. Therefore, he took to vegetable selling. He heads to the local sabzi mandi every day to pick up his supplies and brings them to his shop in a hired tempo-rickshaw.

Jaipur lockdown
Picture Credits: Justdial

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What Else?

Soni is the only earning member of his family. He needs to look after his mother and also the family of his younger brother who passed away. Earlier, he used to make money simply by selling and repairing ornaments. After the lockdown was declared, he didn’t have enough savings to support his family. His new role as a vegetable vendor is also helping him pay the rent for his shop. Referring to his duties, Soni was reported as saying, “I only know that work is worship. That’s it.” This occurred about a week after a 38-year old magician in Rajasthan, Raju Mahor opted for vegetable selling to run his household.

Jaipur lockdown
Picture Credits: The Federal

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No matter how adverse a situation is, calmness and presence of mind are all we need to pull through any problem, just the way Soni and Mahor did. After all, ‘when the going gets tough, the tough get going’.