Jaipur Couple Takes ‘Special Permission’ To Get Married, Guests Join Celebrations Virtually

by Suchismita Pal
Jaipur Couple Takes ‘Special Permission’ To Get Married, Guests Join Celebrations Virtually

It’s truly said ‘love knows no bounds’; and who could have proved it better other than Monika and Ajay? Despite the obstacles due to COVID-19 lockdown, they got married on April 5 in Jaipur. Also, since the so-called ‘big fat weddings’ have been banned for now, they had to take special permission for their marriage from the Jaipur district administration. They allowed them to carry the ritual with a maximum of eight attendees around them.

How Did It All Happen?

Ajay Choudhary works in an automobile firm in Jaipur. His wife Monika, is a nurse working in a govt. dispensary in Ramganj, near Jaipur. For her marriage, she had taken prior leave until April 10. The wedding was arranged at Monika’s house in Vidhyadhar Nagar, where she lives with her sister. Her parents and siblings were present during the ceremony. However, Ajay’s parents and relatives were staying far off, in Jhunjhunu district’s Narhar village and they could attend the event only virtually.

Picture Credits: Hindustan Times

Ajay had put a status about his wedding on WhatsApp and had requested his friends and relatives to be with them during their marriage through video call, by downloading the Zoom app. About thirty of his friends attended the wedding digitally. Also, Ajay couldn’t pick up a new costume amid lockdown, so he wore his old kurta pajama for the occasion.

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Precautions Were Taken

Though the couple took the decision of marriage during the crisis, they ensured that proper precautions were taken and social distancing was maintained among the guests. The two of them, along with the other attendees wore face masks and kept a safe distance from each other. It was not possible for them to organise a sangeet ceremony, keeping in mind the current situation. However, they are planning to make up for the same in their reception.

Once the lockdown is lifted, the couple is planning to visit Jhunjhunu to seek blessings from Ajay’s parents.

Picture Credits: iStock

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Lately, we have been seeing how people are making the most of the virtual world. From tours, to educational courses, to classes, and much more. However, we would have never thought that weddings could be attended online too! This marriage was just another amazing add-on to the long list of things that is showing how people are getting creative during lockdown. Kudos to the couple!