Couple Gets Stranded In Maldives On An Unending Honeymoon, Thanks To COVID-19

by Natasha Monteiro
Couple Gets Stranded In Maldives On An Unending Honeymoon, Thanks To COVID-19

There is so much negativity being spewed around COVID-19 and I know everyone is going crazy stuck at home. BUT NOT THIS COUPLE. Because Olivia and Raul De Freitas are trapped inside a 5 Star in Maldives, on what should have been a short honeymoon, but now has no definite end in sight! Talk about a story for your grandkids!

You know what’s the best part of marriage? It’s the honeymoon and don’t ever let anyone ever tell you otherwise! Now imagine this. A young, recently married couple with simple jobs, set off on a glorious honeymoon to the Maldives. They went all out for their special time together, and even saved up to live in a 5 star. Now this was a little out of their means. But you know what they, you only get your first honeymoon once! So they packed up and decided to live it large on an island full of sun, sand & waves. What they did not account for is COVID-19.
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The South African couple were a little concerned because of the growing travel restrictions, but their travel agent assured them flights were still operational, and there was nothing much to worry about. If things escalated quickly, well, they could just catch a flight and return to their home country of South Africa. With all that encouragement, the couple decided to go with the flow and landed in Maldives on Sunday, 22nd March. They were planning to stay on for 6 days, and checked in to the luxurious hotel, without realising that they were never checking out! When things got serious with COVID-19, the couple quickly decided to leave the resort and Maldives and head back to South Africa. However, at the airport they realised that their homeland was shutting down its borders. In the mean times, Maldives also declared that they would be shutting their borders. Not wanting to be stuck in no man’s land, the couple decided not to leave Maldives and continue their stay.

How Are They Paying Their Bills?

“You always dream about getting stuck on a tropical island, until you are.” This couple’s dream honeymoon has quickly turned into a nightmare as the two of them are literally the only guests left in the huge 5 star and their bills are mounting. The 5 star has also offered them a massive discount on their stay, but it still a strain on their finances. Olivia works as a teacher and her husband is a butcher.

The couple did go to the South African embassy on the island to look for a way out, but they were told that for their own safety, they would have to continue living in the Maldives until the travel ban was lifted. South Africa’s lockdown is set to last until at least April 16. At the embassy the couple realised that there were 40 other South Africans stranded on the island.

As of Sunday, the couple has been moved out of the 5 star and is now living in quarters provided by the embassy at a subsidised cost.