Jaipur Police To Confine Lockdown Violators To A Room And Play Masakkali 2.0 On Loop!

by Suchismita Pal
Jaipur Police To Confine Lockdown Violators To A Room And Play Masakkali 2.0 On Loop!

While cops all around India are taking up quirky initiatives to spread awareness about COVID-19, Jaipur Police has decided on an innovative punishment for those who do not follow the lockdown rules. They have made a Twitter post warning that if someone ‘unnecessarily’ roams outside, the police will simply catch him and lock him inside a room, repeatedly playing the recent remix of the song Masakali.

Why Such An Idea?

Masakali is one of the most loved songs among millennials from the Abhishek-Sonam starter 2009 movie Delhi-6. It was composed by A.R. Rahman and sung by Mohit Chauhan. Though the original song was a superhit, the remix, Masakkali 2.0., didn’t go that well with many. And therefore, Jaipur Police picked it up as a tool to put the violators back to discipline. The post that Jaipur Police made already garnered around 5.7K likes and 2.3K retweets. Someone even commented on it, “Trolling level infinity”. Another comment says, “It’s better to be at home rather than listening Masakkali2 song”. When beating and explaining couldn’t help, the cops thought of this unique way to tackle the violators.

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What Else?

The creators of the original song were also upset with the remake version starring Siddharth Malhotra and Tara Sutaria. Prasoon Joshi, who penned down the original version and A.R. Rahman slammed the remix on social media. Ever since the song was released, the internet has been flooded with oodles of memes and jokes ridiculing it.

Picture Credits: ThePrint

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A few days before, Bilaspur Police started shaming the violators with a literal aarti. Policemen in Chennai were putting coronavirus helmets on the heads of the riders amid lockdown. And now Jaipur police has touched the heights of creativity. This is definitely expected to tuck many people indoors, who still weren’t taking the curfew guidelines seriously.