July 2023 To Be The Hottest Month Of The Year “In Hundreds Of Years” Says NASA Climatologist

by Shreya Shriyan
July 2023 To Be The Hottest Month Of The Year “In Hundreds Of Years” Says NASA Climatologist

The effects of climate change are currently taking over the world slowly but surely. Many parts of the world are facing various climate issues such as drought, heavy rainfall, heatwaves etc. And now to add to the list of climate issues, July 2023 is officially being called the hottest month. The hottest “in hundreds, if not thousands, of years” said this NASA Climatologist.

July 2023 Will Be The Hottest Month In 100’s Of Years

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July is likely going to be Earth’s hottest month in “hundreds if not thousands of years”. These were the words of  Gavin Schmidt, the director of Nasa’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies, to reporters on July 20. This was as per reports by Money Control. 

The announcement came during a meeting at NASA’s Washington headquarters. The meeting included agency climate experts and other important leaders. Two of whom were Chief Scientist and Senior Climate Adviser Kate Calvin and Nasa administrator Bill Nelson.

As per reports by The Guardian, the meeting came during a summer that has put the climate crisis on a global display. Dangerous floods have struck New England and Canadian wildfire smoke has choked US cities.

As per the reports, In the US south and west breaking temperature records are being witnessed. Due to this,  millions of people have been placed under heat advisories.

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Climate Change And Its Severe Effects, Globally

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Reports also suggest that the NASA Climatologist also believes that if this were to continue, 2023 would be considered the hottest year in history. Scientists anticipate 2024  to be an even hotter year than 2023. 

Thanks to the El Niño weather pattern. The El Nino weather pattern is known for a tendency to boost global temperatures. Scientists expect the pattern will likely peak toward the end of this year.

Climate change is a serious growing issue that has been ignored for years and years. The lack of action to reverse the effects of human-made damage on Earth is now backfiring. And drastically, might we add. From India experiencing extreme rain conditions to France going through its worst drought, it’s clear that mother nature is not happy.

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What do you think can be done about the rising climate crisis the world is currently facing? Is it reversible? Or do you believe doomsday is already here? 

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