Here’s How You Can Have The Ultimate Staycation At Home!

by Kanika Sharma
Here’s How You Can Have The Ultimate Staycation At Home!

Yes! I, too, am missing travelling. Booking a flight ticket seems like a distant dream now. And just checking-in into the outdoors, is far-fetched reality. I have often liked the concept of staycation. In fact, I always made it a point to take one once a year for sure. So, this weekend, when I was sipping my tea one afternoon, I thought, “Why don’t I have a staycation at home itself?”. And, so I got to it and it was amazing!

1. Identify Your Staycation Spot In The House

One of the great things about a staycation is just sitting at one spot and not moving an inch. Do the same thing at home. Identify that one spot that gets the best breeze or the maximum sunlight during the day. Turn that into a comfortable and cozy corner, where you can read, listen to your favourite playlist or even just sit and state outside.

2. Do What Makes You Feel Pampered

Salons and spas are shut. More often than not, when I go for my staycation, I do sign up for a massage. Now, a massage won’t be possible at home, so I indulge in self care. Dip those feet in hot water, or apply oil on the scalp and hair. On some days, just apply a face pack and close my eyes and put cotton on it that’s dipped in rose water.

3. Close That Door And Have Some Me Time

For those of us who are staying with our family, or have flat mates, just choose that one time of the day when you decide to close the door and sit all by yourself. I do that. Even though we might be sitting at home, I make it a point to disconnect. Where the phone is not on silent, but on flight mode. Cheap thrills… right? Detach yourself completely and focus on your energies and yourself.

Picture Credit: Unsplash

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4. Put On A Fresh Bed-Sheet And Fluff Those Pillows

One of the things that I like about hotels are the fluffy pillows and comfortable beds. So what is stopping you from putting on a fresh sheet and adding some extra pillows on the bed? I do up my bed in fancy ways by taking hints from online video and social media feeds; and on certain days, I have to say, I am not disappointed.

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5. Prepare For Yourself A Hot Water Bath

One of the most relaxing things after a long day is a nice hot water shower. For you, it might be a cold one. Do what you please. Take your favourite shower gel or soap, and make sure you cleanse well.

6. Light Up Those Candles And Incense Sticks

There is something extremely positive and uplifting about nice aromas. Anything that smells good, immediately makes you feel good about yourself and everything around you. So if you, like me also fancy incense sticks and aromatherapy oils, so put that to effect. As the sun goes down, light the candles up, and play a soothing background music that makes you feel relaxed at home.

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7. Cook Your Favourite Meal Or Something Fancy

This one definitely has a catch. You will have to do the chopping and dishes yourself. But hey, that feeling of cooking something that you have been craving for the longest time is amazing. Trust me. The other day, I was craving for some Chinese food, so I decided to make fried rice and decorated it exactly the way it would be served at a restaurant. Also another tip, don’t make a meal for one. Treat your loved ones too.

8. Switch Off That Alarm

Have your own schedule. Don’t set alarms. One of the great things about being on a staycation is not keeping a tab on time. Wake up when your sleep is complete and go back to bed whenever you are feeling a bit tired. The important thing is to feel refreshed and rejuvenated. Even if that means sleeping for 12 hours a day. I once slept for 18 hours… for real! 

The key to having an ideal staycation at home is not to rush. Take it easy, one moment at a time. Stop looking at the clock, stop keeping a track of things. The best part of having a staycation at home is that you can do it every weekend. Just like me!