Kajol Guessing Vishal Jethwa’s Crush Is The Funniest Thing Ever | Curly Tales

by Sanjana Shenoy

On yet another amazing Sunday Brunch episode on Curly Tales, you’re in for non-stop entertaining conversations revolving around food, travel and much more. This time, the ever-vivacious Kajol and the talented Vishal Jethwa came on board to promote their inspiring film, Salaam Venky. The best part about this interview was when Kajol had to guess Vishal Jethwa’s celeb crush. Here’s what happened.

Kajol Wrongly Guessed Vishal Jethwa’s Celeb Crush

Kajol and Vishal Jethwa played a fun game, testing how well the reel-life mother and son know each other. Curly Tales, Editor-in-Chief, Kamiya Jani questioned Kajol and Vishal Jethwa about each other. And they need to have the same answers. During this fun game, Kajol was asked to name Vishal Jethwa’s celeb crush. A blushing Vishal revealed he has many celeb crushes, and it’s tough to name just one. Well, we totally get it! *wink*


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Well, later he started writing the name of his beloved celeb crush on a whiteboard. Kajol tried to cheat and take a peek. From what she managed to see, the Salaam Venky actress realised his celeb crush’s name starts with the letter K. The actress hilariously thought he wrote her name so, she guessed ‘Kajol’. Vishal burst laughing and unveiled his answer, ‘Katrina Kaif’. “I thought he was being cool and all. So, I wrote my own name, said, Kajol. This was certainly very funny.

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The Salaam Venky Duo Bonded Well On The Sets

Kamiya Jani next asked Vishal to name the person who calls Kajol more often. The Salaam Venky actor wrote Ajay while Kajol said it was her younger child, Yug. Well, this answer didn’t match as well. But it was a whole lotta fun. The actor had a lovely time bonding on the sets of Salaam Venky. Vishal Jethwa even got home-cooked Gujarati food for the actress. Isn’t that simply heartwarming?

Well, what are you waiting for? Go watch this fun interview ASAP!

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