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In life, it doesn’t matter where you start from. But it matters most of all where you reach and how you make the most out of your resources. Ramesh Bhau, a humble handcart bhel seller, has made his name not only in India but arund the world. His simple idea of selling Maharashtra’s favourite street food snack, bhel not only encouraged him to start selling it in his cart, but later expand it to a successful business spreading the aromatic flavours, chatpata taste and crunchy textures of bhel all across the world. Kalyan Bhel in Pune was started by Ramesh Bhau, and now its become an iconic brand by itself.

Life Before Kalyan Bhel

Ramesh Bhau and his father worked as porters for a long time. His mother was a vegetable vendor outside Kalyan society. The family faced a lot of difficulties and in 1975, Ramesh Bhau and his mother started selling Bhel Puri and Pani Puri in the handcart outside Kalyan society.  Little did they know that this small step of hard work and dedication would take their family and recipes, places.

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When they initially started selling Bhel Puri, they only earned ₹20 to ₹30 per day. They lived in a tiny house. Which was so cramped that when his mother sat to roll chapatis, she couldn’t even get up. They couldn’t afford electricity and had to lift the shades to receive sunlight. That was the extent of financial difficulties the family suffered from. But Ramesh Bhau did not give up, no matter what. He concentrated all his efforts to make his Bhel one of the most sought out snacks in Pune. And with hard work and dedication, he achieved great success.

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The Popularity Of Kalyan Bhel

Ramesh Bhau’s Bhel is unique and is full of fresh chatpata flavours. He prepares his Bhel with ghatiya, boondi, seengh, potato, tomato, onion and even kachhi keri, which gives is the perfect balance of tangy, sweet and spicy flavours. The quality of the fluffy, white Bhel too is definitely the reason why Kalyan Bhel is so popular. So if you’re looking for a unique, delicious spin to Bhel, then do visit Kalyan Bhel in Pune. And if you’re a Samosa fan then here are the 9 Best Samosa Places In Pune For 2020

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But if you’re not from Pune, then don’t worry. Kalyan Bhel has 6 outlets around Pune and even supplies packed Bhel to places around India and even abroad, including countries like Dubai, Canada and Singapore. Prominent politicians and celebrities too often love munching on the Bhel here. Ramesh Bhau also has a wall, filled with photographs of different celebrities who have visited his abode. And now the humble business owner hopes that many more Maharashtrians establish their own businesses. Ramesh Bhau might have started his journey as a humble handcart seller, but now he is the proud owner of Pune’s iconic Kalyan Bhel. His story indeed teaches us that our future lies in our own hands. So the next time you munch on the delicious Bhel from here, do remember the inspiring story Ramesh Bhau.

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