Kamiya Jani Kickstarts 2023 With New Year Life Lessons From Guruji Gaur Gopal Das On Sunday Brunch | Curly Tales

by Shreya Ghosh
Kamiya Jani Kickstarts 2023 With New Year Life Lessons From Guruji Gaur Gopal Das On Sunday Brunch | Curly Tales

The new year comes with a wish to start fresh and enter a new journey in our lives with new hopes, new perspectives, and positivity. And to start the brand-new year 2023, Curly Tales Editor-In-Chief Kamiya Jani and the team attained life lessons from Guruji Gaur Gopal Das on this exciting episode of Sunday Brunch. To know and learn from Guruji himself, read on and also watch the video.

Guruji Gaur Gopal Das Shares New Year Life Lessons On This Sunday Brunch Episode

When you are getting the opportunity to meet someone like Gaur Gopal Das, you do not want to miss out on learning new things and gaining new knowledge. Kamiya Jani joined Guruji walking in serenity surrounded by greenery and listening to his childhood stories. They talked about his childhood in Pune, feeling different from others, and not getting any interest in sports or meeting friends.

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After having a great conversation and getting some sneak peeks at the life of a monk while walking around beautiful nature, they sat in a beautiful setup and relished delectable food. The lavish Sunday Brunch included a feast of delicious Sattvic meals from Gallops Restaurant in Mahalaxmi.

Here’s Guruji’s Take On New Year’s Resolutions!

Gaur Gopal Das

Gaur Gopal Das shared how we do not need the beginning of the year to transform our lives, instead, we can do that every single day. Every day is a new year for all of us and transformation doesn’t have to necessarily begin on the 1st of January of any year. These occasions are like opportunities for fresh beginnings but we do not always focus on fulfilling all the resolutions. We need to cherish every day and work in becoming better people.

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It is always a great experience to listen to Guruji Gaur Gopal Das and this episode of Sunday Brunch with him is extra special. Watch this video to learn something new and begin the beautiful year of 2023 with lots of positivity and prosperity. Also, make sure to click on the subscribe button on the Curly Tales YouTube channel to enjoy more great content on food and travel.

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