Kapil Sharma Took Us To Punjab Naatshala Where He Made His Professional Debut

We saw the stage where Kapil began his theatre days

by Ankita Mazumdar
Kapil Sharma Took Us To Punjab Naatshala Where He Made His Professional Debut

It was a fantastic episode as our Editor-in-Chief, Kamiya Jani explored Kapil Sharma’s hometown, Amritsar’s galliyan with the comedian. Through this Tere Gully Mein episode, we not only learn about his childhood memories but also see some of the important institutes that helped him secure a place for himself in the entertainment industry. With endless conversations, we even ate at some of the best food spots in this city. Watch the video to learn more about it.

Kapil Sharma Took Curly Tales To Punjab Naatshala

Kapil introduced us to Punjab Naatshala in Amritsar. It is a theatre where he performed his first professional play. He told us that many popular artists of Punjab are its alumni. Now, he is one of them! As he stepped out of his car, people from the Naatshala recognised him and came to greet him.

Kapil saw the owner of this place, Sardar Jatinder Brar, and immediately went to give him a jaadu ki jhappi. It was, indeed, a memorable moment. Brar was kind enough to invite all of them to watch a play at his theatre.

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We went inside the Punjab Naatshala and Kapil was in awe of the development done and praised Brar for the progress. Kapil met everyone on stage, clicked pictures and reminisced about his theatre days. Kamiya mentioned, “Yehi hai voh stage jaha Kapil Sharma kisi time par act kiya karte the. And now, you see him on all the television screens across India. This is Amristar for you!”

Brar Thinks Our Guest Is Kamaal!

Kapil Sharma Tere Gully Mein
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After watching a great act presented by the group of Punjab Naatshala, it was time to say goodbye to this special place. Sardar Jatinder Brar came to see us off at the entrance and said to Kamiya, “Eythe kamaal hai,” and pointed to Kapil. To this, Kamiya agreed and said, “Pure Hindustan mein kamaal hai!” Even at the gate, everyone circled him to grab a quick selfie with the great comedian; people do love him and we got to witness it first-hand.

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Did you ever visit Punjab Naatshala?

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