Kazakhstan Launches Visa-Free Travel For Indians

by Sanjana Shenoy
Kazakhstan Launches Visa-Free Travel For Indians

Kazakhstan is famous for its untouched beauty devoid of commercialisation and overtourism. From deep canyons, majestic mountains, rich history to bustling cities, there is so much to explore in Kazakhstan. You can go skiing in Shymbulak, have a picnic by the lake in Kaindy, go boating at Lake Issyk and explore ancient rock carvings at Tanbaly. And we’ve just scratched the surface. The best part is that Kazakhstan has approved visa-free travel for Indian citizens. Read on to know all the details.

Indians Can Stay In Kazakhstan For 14 Days At A Stretch

Kazakhstan has recently launched visa-free travel for Indians. This visa is not just applicable for tourism, but also for personal visits and unpaid business. Indian citizens have a total of 42 days of travel in a period of 180 days. But Indians cannot stay in Kazakhstan for longer than 14 days at a stretch. When it comes to business, people visiting the country can not get employment or carry our business during the period of their visit.

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Apply For A Kazakh eVisa

While the Kazakhstan visa allows for only a 14-day stay in a stretch, it can be extended. For this, Indian citizens need to apply for a Kazakh eVisa via a simplified electronic application. For those seeking employment, a work permit needs to be applied beforehand. This is the first time Kazakhstan is granting visa-free travel for Indian citizens since the pandemic. Apart from Indians, Kazakhstan has also allowed visa-free travel for people from China and Iran.


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