Kenya To Welcome Indian Tourists With Open Arms

by Sanmita A
by Sanmita A 77

Kenya is located in East Africa and is home to wide scenic landscapes and a lot of wildlife. It has the finest beaches, lakes and striking hills to woo its tourists. Kenya has now partnered with India to draw tourists into its land and build their confidence in exploring the lands of Kenya. Kenya travel authorities believe that they need to explore the potential of Indian travellers and its market. Kenya will be promoted through specialised packages and social media marketing.

Best Of Kenya That Indians Must Explore

Stony rivers, The Flame Trees of Thika, Karura Forests, the city of Nakuru with Menangai Crater, the second-largest volcanic crater in the world, Kenya has tons of places which you can visit. With the weather favourable for travel throughout the year, Indians can plan a visit according to their convenience. Do not miss out on the views that Kenya has to offer, especially the Nakuru Lake with a vast sea of pink flamingoes covering the lake, the popular elephant wildlife sanctuary, Mombasa Marine Natural Park and so much more. Get ready to witness breathtaking views of the wildlife in their habitats and interact with them.


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Safari Camps, Resorts & Even Boutique Hotels

Not only is Kenya home to magnificent natural attractions, but has gorgeous boutique hotels and resorts for travellers to enjoy a memorable stay while in Kenya. Of course, the travellers are in Kenya usually to experience nature at its best, however, the country also doesn’t take away the element of ‘luxury’ from the travel itinerary. They ensure the best of services and hospitality for their international tourists according to global standards.

So, after a tiring day of sightseeing places, trying all the adventures and travelling, the guests can relax at the best of properties to buckle up for another day of larger-than-life experiences.


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