Kerala Man Takes Family To Europe In Plane He Built During Lockdown

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Kerala Man Takes Family To Europe In Plane He Built During Lockdown

How about travelling to your favourite destination in a private aircraft? Amazing, isn’t it? Well then how about flying to your favourite destination in a private aircraft built by yourself? Thrilling right? Well, a Kerala man and his family felt exactly the same when they flew down to Europe in an aircraft built by the man himself in the Covid-19 lockdown. Seems like the Kerala man thought of doing something different and utilising the lockdown in a different manner. 

From Renting Small Two-seater Aircraft To Building One Himself

London-based mechanical engineer Ashok Aliseril Thamarakshan is a native of Kerala and son of former MLA A V Thamarakshan constructed a four-seater private plane during the Covid lockdown. The Sun reported that the family invested about ₹1.4 crore, 18 months and around 1500 hours to bring Ashok’s idea of building an aircraft to life. Ashok said that initially he used to rent two seater aircrafts for trips after acquiring his pilot license but as his family grew  he realized he needed a four seater. But finding such aircrafts is very hard so he thought of building his own. He visited  Johannesburg-based company Sling Aircraft’s factory and ordered their kit to build his own plane. 

Pic Credits: Manorama online

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Family Started Saving Money Since First Lockdown

Ashok and his family started saving money for this huge and time-consuming project from the first lockdown as they knew they always wanted their own plane. After completing the aircraft, this year in February. The family uses their aircraft to travel across the UK and Europe. Ashok has travelled to many European countries by far in his self constructed aircraft like the Czech Republic, Germany and Austria. He has also been on trips with his friends in this aircraft. He now hopes that the laws permit him to fly his private aircraft to India as the family wants to get back home for a vacation. 

Pic Credits : TOI

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