Kerala Nipah Virus: Govt Declares Containment Zones In These Villages. Here’s All About It

by Shreya Ghosh
Kerala Nipah Virus: Govt Declares Containment Zones In These Villages. Here’s All About It

The outbreak of the Nipah virus in parts of Kerala is turning out to be a major sense of chaos, fear, and concern for everyone. People living in Kerala, especially Kozhikode, are a bit tensed with the outbreak in the state. The zootonic virus is life-threatening and unfortunately has a high mortality rate. 2 people in Kozhikode have already lost their lives to this deadly virus. The concerned authorities are taking steps to control the situation.

With Nipah Virus, Looks Like Days Similar To COVID-19 Pandemic Are Back

Nipah Virus
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We all remember the lockdowns and restrictions in 2020 and 2021. Back then, these were some of the steps taken to control the spread of coronavirus. Now, the government has declared a total of 9 panchayats as containment zones, according to a report by Hindustan Times. 2 patients infected by Nipah virus passed away a few days back. The administration declared the containment zones in Kozhikode within a radius of 5 km from the houses of these 2 people. In the wake of the outbreak of the Nipah virus, the administration had to take this strict step.

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Some of the village panchayats in the containment zones are Atanchery, Kavilumpara, Kuttiyadi, Maruthonkara, Tiruvallur, and Villyapalli.

According to recent updates, 5 people have been infected with the zootonic virus. They are currently in hospitals for treatment. To control the scary situation and outbreak of the infection in parts of Kerala along with the state government, a team of 5 experts are in the state. This team has experts from

  • National Centre for Disease Control
  • National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences (NIMHANS)
  • RML Hospital

Indian Council of Medical Research Sent Antibody To The State

Nipah Virus
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The antibody is extremely crucial at the moment to control the outbreak of the Nipah virus and fight against the deadly diseases and infections. Right now, this is the only option that the government has to help residents from the spread of the virus. A point to remember here is that the effectiveness of the antibody is not clinically proven as of now.

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Along with these steps, people are advised to wear masks, use sanitisers, and follow social distancing.

The Karnataka government is taking strict steps for the districts neighbouring Kerala. The government issued a circular recently for this. They are now intensifying surveillance in districts bordering Kerala such as Chamrajanagara, Dakshin, Kannada, Kodagu, and Mysore, according to a report by Republic World. The circular states people from Karnataka to avoid any unnecessary travelling to Kerela’s affected places. The primary focus is on stocking necessities in hospitals such as oxygen, PPE, VTM, and more.

Stay safe, everyone!

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