This Shop In Kerala Has No Shopkeeper

by Kritika Kukreja
This Shop In Kerala Has No Shopkeeper

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A small shop in the village of Azhikode near Kannur, Kerala has no shopkeeper and allows you to purchase anything and you can pay what you think is best. 

What Is It?

On 1st January, 2019, a small self service shop opened up in Vankulathuvayal in Azhikode. It was started by Janashakti Charitable Trust, it’s an NGO engaged in welfare activities for the differently-abled in the region. The shop started off as a great initiative for differently abled individuals, but it’s concept is so unique. A self service shop, this shop doesn’t have shopkeepers!

Kerala shop
Image via The Better India

The products in the shop have been created by students of Asraya Special school in Kannur and you can find items like soap, washing powder, phenyl, toilet cleaner, hand wash, candles, and cloth bags. Despite not having a shopkeeper, the shop still makes more than ₹1000 a day! 

How Does It Work?

It doesn’t have shopkeepers. You have to simply pick up the item you want, check the price tag and deposit the money in cash box. The shop runs from 6 AM to 10 PM and has received great response since the first day. People in the neighborhood have also made requests to Janashakti Charitable Trust to install more shops like this in the area.