Khalid Al Ameri: “Peace & Tolerance Is In The Fabric Of Dubai” | Curly Tales

by Anupriya Mishra
Khalid Al Ameri: “Peace & Tolerance Is In The Fabric Of Dubai” | Curly Tales

If you’re an Emirati who loves to binge-watch YouTube videos then chances are that you already know Khalid Al Ameri. However, if you’re still living under the rock, then you should know that he is a popular Emirati YouTuber, who posts hilarious, inspirational, and even relatable skits on his channel. And when he met Kamiya Jani, for an episode of Sunday Brunch Curly Tales Middle East, he got candid about his personal life, while taking her around Dubai. Here’s a short snippet from his interesting interview!

Khalid Al Ameri Feels That Peace & Tolerance Is In The Fabric Of Dubai

While taking Kamiya Jani on a stroll through Old Dubai, Khalid Al Ameri talked about his love for the emirate and how the multicultural city offers something for everyone. He mentioned that it’s actually the Old Dubai where people get to feel the energy and history. Furthermore, he mentions how he often visits Old Dubai and how it’s his go-to place to host guests! Talking more about this, he said, “For me, Dubai is like a city that’s on the map, on the global map and for people who are able to come and learn about where it all started, that’s a beautiful thing for me.” Talking further on this topic, he elaborated, “It’s like there is so much to celebrate in the city. I am proud every day that so many different cultures and so many different people want to come here. That’s a celebration! When I see all these people coming here with their families and their loved ones and making it their own home.”

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He Also Talked About His Personal Life

Khalid Al Ameri
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In the video, Khalid Al Ameri also talked about a bunch of other topics pertaining to his personal life. He also mentioned how his journey began as a content creator, for which he had to quit his regular 9-to-5 job. For this, he also gave immense credit to his wife, Salama, who has been encouraging throughout his journey. And all this professional shift happened when she was also starting her own business! After taking a leisurely stroll around Dubai, they also dropped by his favourite restaurant in the emirate for a sumptuous plate of biryani.

Doesn’t this interview sound entertaining? Well, this is hardly surprising as the YouTuber himself is pretty engaging and it makes sense that his interview is also going to be as amazing as his videos. So, if you also want to see more of this, don’t forget to watch the entire episode on the YouTube channel of Curly Tales ME.

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